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The Home Inspection is a non-intrusive visual examination of the physical structure, major components, and the mechanical systems of the home.  The inspection is a reasonable and unbiased effort to disclose the condition existing at the time of the examination by an experienced and neutral third party. 


You are choosing a neutral third party, owner/inspector who works soley for you and will try my best to arrange an inspection time convenient for you.  I have been in the inspection business since 1998,  knowledgeable and experienced in the construction trades, well educated and experienced in the realm of Property Inspections, have skills in the areas of Structural and Mechanical Systems and knowledgeable with the older buildings of the central Colorado region. 


Schedule the inspection, keeping in mind that it is highly encouraged that you be present at the time of the inspection. However, it is not a necessity that you attend, as my report is very comprehensive and self-explanatory. Attending the inspection not only lets you observe, it allows me to explain observations, answer any questions you may have, point out details, and offer maintenance tips which will help you prolong the life of your home. An oral report will follow at the end of the inspection and a comprehensive written report will be delivered in a timely manner (normally within 24 hours, longer for Commercial Inspections), which are e-mailed unless requested to be mailed.

  • Since 1976 I have had hands-on experience in the building trades of both Residential and Commercial construction.  
  • Since 1998 I have been performing Residential and                 Commercial Inspections                    
  • Certified Graduate of Midwest Home Inspections Institute (Lansing, KS 1998)
  • Certified Graduate of Inspection Training Associates (ITA) Commercial & Residential Inspection School (Houston 2004)
  • Held a Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector's License (TREC license #8024 - held for five years, now expired)
  • Continuing education in Commercial Buildings, mold, asbestos, and radon
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Arts
  • High School Drafting Instructor
  • US Navy, Active VFW member
  • ​Resident of Salida since 1982


The purchase of a home is the single largest investment that most people ever make.  The primary purpose of the inspection is to inform the buyer of any readily visible major defects in the mechanical & structural components and safety hazards.

A Pre-Listing inspection can help reduce liability for the seller and realtor by discovering and disclosing any readily visible major defects before the listing takes place.  With a Home Condition Report in hand, you will be able to get closer   to the asking price and speed the closing by being prepared.          

                                                                                    Conducting a home inspection is a personal service business. Don't hire a company - hire a person. Whether you are buying or selling, as the owner and sole inspector of Alpine Inspections, you will receive a professional and comprehensive analysis followed with an email report in a timely manner. I do not have x-ray vision but will try to examine all items I can reach or view. What I am specifically looking for are safety issues, structural and mechanical issues, and items that may be a major expense to correct.


                      INSPECTION FEES

Always at a reasonable and competitive cost.  Due to the many variables in the types and sizes of homes, structures and traveling distances, prices will vary.   I invite you to phone me for a price quote, discuss your needs and to set up an Inspection appointment. 



             SERVICES OFFERED 

  • Residential Inspections

  • ​Pre-listing Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Multi-Unit Complexes
  • ​New Construction Progress Inspections

Note: For the most thorough inspection, it is imperative that all utilities be turned.  Also noteworthy is that the State of Colorado does not license Home Inspectors, nor does it recognize other State's licenses. I do hold two certifications from schools attended, have continuing education, and was once licensed in another State.  

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